In addition to our family practice, weight loss and addiction services, our staff also undertakes clinical research studies. Lake Howell Health Center’s research branch, TRY Research, studies the effects of new prescriptions and treatment options in short-term and long-term focus groups. We partner with pharmaceutical companies to get early access to new treatment options.

What is TRY Research?

TRY Research is the research branch of Lake Howell Health Center. Since our founding, our staff has worked alongside pharmaceutical companies to study how upcoming drugs and treatments can affect patients.

Dr. Kent Hoffman serves as the principal investigator for TRY Research. TRY Research conducts studies on addiction and family practice issues like diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other ailments.

The TRY Research Process

The TRY Research team will join a national study or conduct its own trials. Digital advertisements are released to recruit both patients at Lake Howell Health Center and others for the study. The length of the study varies depending on the treatment methods being tested.

Some studies last several months, while others last for several years. We conduct several studies per year. However, we are selective in which research studies we undertake to ensure people get the best quality of care throughout.

Focus Groups

People seeking prospective treatments can join our focus groups. Much like the other programs at Lake Howell Health Center, the goal of the TRY Research program is to help people. Those who sign up for our studies receive treatment at no cost to them.

Short-term studies may inspire people to continue seeking long-term treatment. This is often the case for people battling an addiction. The effects of long-term research may significantly improve a person’s condition.

Research studies are done in limited runs.

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Research studies provide people with a unique opportunity. Participants receive specialized care through the latest medicines and treatment options. Clinical research should not be substituted for proper care from a doctor or other health professional. However, it can provide aid to someone that otherwise may not get it.

Our available research studies vary over time. Speak with a member of our staff to learn about available or upcoming studies.

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Last modified: November 25, 2018