At Lake Howell Health Center, we strive to make our patients as happy as possible. Our blend of personalized care, friendly service and affordable rates not only gives patients the care they need, but makes them comfortable as we help them recover. You can find out what our patients think by reading their testimonials below.

“My family has been seeing Dr. Hoffman since we moved to Florida in 1995. He has offered consistently excellent, empathetic care. When he moved offices, I briefly went to a different health clinic because it’s close to my job. That was a mistake. Now, I’m back getting the personal attention that makes so much of a difference. I should also note that he has a great sense of humor that really helped, especially when my daughters were teenagers.” S.H.

“Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Todd have changed my life! I have never been so impressed with my healthcare providers. Such an array of knowledge and skill delivered with such care.” H.S.

“I have never had a more caring doctor and staff. The girl in the front office is so wonderful. She is the most courteous, caring and organized front office staff [person] that I have ever encountered. I really appreciate that she is always willing to listen even though she is extremely busy. People really want a friendly and caring staff. That is one of the reasons I continue to visit that office. Dr. Hoffman really listens to me. His staff is professional and friendly. The office is clean and well managed. Thank you.” J.B.

“Dr. Hoffman is a doctor who cares. If he needs to spend an hour with you he will. To him it is about the patient, one at a time, it’s not about how many he can see in a day.” M.M.

“I have been coming to Dr. Hoffman for many years as I am 81 years old. I find him to be very attentive and helpful.” B.G.

“I have never been to a doctor that has given me such individual attention. She always goes above and beyond for my health. Dr. Todd is an incredible physician and person.” D.D.

“They are very professional and prompt. I never have to wait long, and my doctor is informative and sensitive to my needs. I feel comfortable talking about myself and feel important.” L.B.

“His office is always extremely helpful and accommodating to all my needs from scheduling appointments, moving appointments and ease of calling in prescriptions!” G.B.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Todd for over 10 years and really value the connection that we have formed over the years. She is an excellent doctor and goes above and beyond to make sure that you feel heard and are taken care of.” E.L.

Lake Howell Health Center

Our physicians are board certified Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine. They focus on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human illness and injury. They selectively utilize all accepted medical modalities to maintain and restore good health. In addition, our doctors have training in manipulative therapy, a helpful treatment for many musculoskeletal disorders.

Last modified: November 25, 2018