Addiction Services

Lake Howell Health Center specializes in treating addiction. Our program is known across the greater Central Florida area for its precision and effectiveness. Lake Howell Health Center blends common forms of addiction treatment so patients can continue their daily responsibilities while getting the help they need.

Addiction at a Glance

An addiction occurs when a person’s body needs a drug to function properly. Someone with an addiction will actively seek out the drug regardless of the associated health risks.

This makes addiction different from dependence. A drug dependence means a person may physically or psychologically need a drug, but the quest to use the drug does not dominate their life.

Addictions are chronic conditions. This means that without proper treatment, they can go on for years. Untreated addictions can lead to serious health complications or even death.

If you or someone you love is battling an addiction, seek immediate help from a professional.

Addiction Services at Lake Howell

Lake Howell Health Center offers professional addiction treatment through the SoberDoc program. Dr. Kent Hoffman founded the program to streamline the recovery process. Dr. Hoffman has been treating addiction in patients for over 15 years.

The SoberDoc program takes the same whole-body approach that our family physicians use. We work with patients to learn their personal history of addiction and determine what methods of treatment will work best for them. We do not judge or criticize their choices. We understand that addiction is a disease that alters the chemicals in a person’s brain.

The best way to treat addiction is through a combination of detoxification, medications, therapy and counseling.

After the initial drug detox, many patients can recover using outpatient therapy. This allows patients to stay connected to school, work, friends or family during the treatment process. Medications and counseling work to prevent additional relapses and help patients readjust to a drug-free life.

We always accommodate a patient’s health issues and other needs with personalized care. This approach has helped hundreds of SoberDoc patients recover from addictions.

The SoberDoc treatment program has proven results. It is six times more effective than the average inpatient treatment facility—and significantly cheaper.

Dr. Hoffman is board-certified in addiction treatment and professionally associated with the American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Todd and our nurses are licensed to prescribe helpful addiction medications like Suboxone, which helps people struggling with opioid addictions.

If you are struggling with an addiction, you may feel hopeless or trapped. You are not alone and you can get help. Starting immediate treatment for an addiction can save your life.

More information about addiction can be found on the addiction section of this website. To learn more about the SoberDoc program, visit


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Last modified: October 14, 2022