4 Tips for Eating Healthy During and After Vacations

Who comes back from vacation and feels good about their weight? I wish I could say that I do.

I recently came back from a trip to Asheville, NC with a close group of friends and my husband jumped on the scale and noted a 10 lb increase!

We were definitely not as active as we would have liked to be and enjoyed the local breweries and restaurants a bit too much. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this, especially with the recent summer holidays. I try to remind patients that you should never wait to make a lifestyle change; you should start that healthy change right away, right when it is at the front of your mind.

4 Tips to Follow when on Vacation or After Vacation to stay on Track:

1. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water! Keep hydrated, and add fruit to your water if that helps. I prefer cucumber slices

2. Skip Out on Skipping Meals

Do not skip meals-! Even if you think this will help compensate for the huge helpings of steak, pasta, or a large glass of chardonnay you are having later that day, eating small meals consistently throughout the day helps to keep your metabolism in check,

3. Take the “Work” Out of Workout

Make exercise fun! Go for a hike, pull up a Pinterest or YouTube video of a group workout and involve your friends and family-always leads to good laughs too,

4. Healthy Portions Give You Options

Don’t make yourself feel guilty for indulging in that famous pecan pie French toast (Tupelo Honey in Asheville-sooo good) instead focus on making your meals involve small portions of those heavier carbs and include larger portions of colorful fruits/veggies and palm-size portions of lean protein.

It is always hard coming back from time off and getting back to your routine of healthy eating.

The healthiest way back is the focus on a healthy balance, nourishing your body and mind.